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   Government of Canada

Statement from the PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada

"When traveling outside of Canada, you may be at risk for a number of vaccine preventable illnesses.  You should consult a Health Care Provider or visit a Travel Health Specialist preferably 6 weeks before you travel.  You may need additional vaccines depending on your age, planned travel activities and local conditions.  Preventing disease through vaccination is a lifelong process."



Travel Health Specialists have in-depth knowledge of immunizations, thanks associated with specific destinations, and the implications of traveling with underlying conditions.  Therefore, a comprehensive consultation with a Travel Health Specialist is indicated for ALL travellers and is particularly important for those with complicated health history, special thanks (such as travelling at high altitudes, working in refugee camps, or exotic or complicated itineraries.

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You may have some questions before you start the process of participating in a Travel Health Consultation (THC).  That is totally understandable.  Please feel free to fill in the form below and I will contact to ASAP to help answer and guide our next steps.  Travel is a Gift, just as our Health is, both not to be taken for granted ... My desire to is to help you Travel Safely around the Globe and make your THC experience the Best it can be.  

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